Pavia Partner With MetaGravity To Scale Their Metaverse Application To Over 10,000 Concurrent Players In A Single Virtual Environment

3 min readOct 31, 2023

Pavia Corp. has partnered with MetaGravity to build a market-leading metaverse application that serves as the go-to platform for web3 communities and projects to interact in an immersive and collaborative metaverse environment.

Both companies are working together to integrate MetaGravity’s highly-scalable engine technology in order to power their metaverse application to over 10,000 concurrent players.

This enables Pavia to achieve massive multiplayer scale all while simultaneously reducing cloud operating costs to a bare minimum in contrast to other solutions currently on the market.

A dedicated team at MetaGravity has already started working on the Unity integration with Pavia, and are achieving compelling results that are currently ahead of the agreed product roadmap schedule. This is enabling both teams to accelerate the integration project with Pavia’s current game client.

With Pavia adopting a ‘build-in-public’ approach, transparency is a key part of their growth philosophy. Once this game engine integration is complete, they will be conducting beta testing with a select number of web3 partners in order to stress test the first build.

And as a result of this initial collaboration, Pavia will then open up the environment to the public and will start to onboard a number of communities into their virtual world and continue to work with MetaGravity on ramping that up until we’ve hit the 10,000 concurrent user mark.

“This partnership is really exciting because we’re breaking new ground on scale and cost with a Unity engine game as well as demonstrating how easy it is to port over an existing project to our infrastructure.

We are very excited to be working with Pavia to bring large scale social gaming experiences to their active community,” said Tobin Ireland, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of MetaGravity.

Meanwhile Paul Manuel, CEO of Pavia, said:

“The partnership with MetaGravity is a great fit for us at this early stage in our development. At Pavia we are committed to a single-world experience driven by user generated content. MetaGravity enables us to scale our platform to tens of thousands of users.”

“In a short period of time we’ve managed to hit the ground running and are already ahead of schedule with our initial integration phase. We’re really excited about this partnership as we’re working together at the forefront of delivering metaverse experiences that offer a seamless user experience at massive scale.”

“On top of that, it’s been a real pleasure and ease to work with the MetaGravity team on this first stage of our co-development. We’re really looking forward to seeing the outcome and testing it with our customers then opening it up to the public.”

About Pavia

Pavia is building a virtual world for passionate digital communities. Built by its users, Pavia is a single-world social platform that fosters the creation of vibrant new neighbourhoods, meaningful connections and rich 3d experiences.

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About MetaGravity

MetaGravity is building the scalable decentralised infrastructure for metaverse-scale gaming and virtual world simulations. Their new cutting edge approach to compute parallelism for games and virtual world simulations delivers market-leading scale, lowest operating costs and ease of use through integration into leading games engines. Its distributed compute model operates at an unprecedented level of efficiency of less than 1–10% of other available technologies.

MetaGravity is directly integrated into leading games engines. It removes the constraints of game simulation complexity, and opens up a world of new creative opportunities for game developers. It can generate the highest level of resolution and fidelity while being fast and easy for games developers to use and deploy.

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