Edge of Chaos: MetaGravity Studio Community AMA 19/01 [Full Transcript]

  1. Introduction
  2. Edge of Chaos Overview
  3. Core Features
  4. Factions of Eorthe
  5. Character Progression
  6. Core Game Systems
  7. Economy
  8. Community AMA Question & Answers


Hey guys. I hope some of you were on the AMA we did on Sunday with Jacob from Metaverse HQ. For those of you who are completely new to this, my name is Rashid, I’m co-founder and CEO of MetaGravity. MetaGravity is two things: we are building an infrastructure layer, a decentralized sort of physics layer for the metaverse and the other piece of the problem we’re solving is, we’re also building a game that exemplifies the use of the engine and demonstrates the power of massive, immersive, scalable worlds that this enables.


Edge of Chaos Overview

Core Features

Edge of Chaos Features

Factions of Eorthe

Factions of Eorthe

Character Progression

Edge of Chaos Character Progression

Core Game Systems

Edge of Chaos Systems


Edge of Chaos Economy

AMA Question & Answer

Question 1:



MetaGravity Studio is a blockchain game studio.

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