Announcing Our Strategic Partnership with Outerlife by Playway to Revolutionise Social Gaming

3 min readSep 28, 2023

London — Thursday 28th September 2023

MetaGravity x Outerlife

The team at MetaGravity, the pioneers in scalable distributed cloud compute infrastructure, are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Outerlife, the new development subsidiary of Playway, the leading global developer of PC and mobile simulation games.

Together, we aim to redefine the future landscape of large-scale social gaming experiences.

This collaboration brings together our expertise and innovation with that of an industry leader, creating a ground-breaking gaming ecosystem. We’re merging immersive gameplay with the power of scalable distributed cloud compute technology.

This will enhance social cohesion, enabling players and community members to interact with shared experiences, fostering a more creative and collaborative environment as well as amplifying user engagement across the entire PlayWay portfolio.

While Playway stands as the leading publisher of sim-games globally with over 100 million users worldwide playing simulation game titles (including Car Mechanic Simulator, Train Simulator and House Flipper), OuterLife’s goal is to transform this single-player PC and mobile game experience into a multiplayer social destination.

They aim to introduce dynamic competition, leaderboard and marketplace mechanics for their gaming community.

Our contribution to this partnership is our novel approach to concurrency and parallelism. We’ve broken through the simulation scale limitations of game engines and spatial partitioning platforms.

Our platform allows a game simulation or metaverse application to scale to an arbitrary number of concurrent users without compromising real physics gameplay or the fidelity and complexity of the game. We ensure the most cost-efficient use of cloud compute resources. With our platform, it’s possible to port over an existing game or develop new gaming experiences inside all of the leading game engines — including Unreal Engine and Unity.

Our team’s expertise and commitment to driving innovation in cloud compute infrastructure align perfectly with OuterLife’s vision. We aim to create a dynamic, scalable, and immersive gaming experience for the existing and new Playway gamer community.

Through this strategic partnership, we and Outerlife will build a social and competitive lobby experience, integrating seamlessly with PlayWay’s existing simulation game portfolio.

PlayWay’s 100 million monthly active gamers will have access to the same simulation game experience but with enhanced immersive social and community functionality.

Pawel Łaskarzewski, Project Lead for OuterLife by PlayWay, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with MetaGravity, a company set to become known for its groundbreaking advancements in cloud gaming infrastructure. This collaboration will allow us to unlock new possibilities for our players, ensuring an immersive and secure gaming experience for PlayWay’s library of simulation games. Together, we will redefine the future of large-scale social gaming experiences.”

Tobin Ireland, our Chief Business Officer, added:

“We are excited to join forces with OuterLife in building a scalable social metaverse application that will engage the PlayWay audience. Our expertise in scalable cloud compute infrastructure aligns with Outerlife’s vision and approach for engaging gameplay. We look forward to breaking new ground with this partnership and enabling PlayWay to deliver social gaming experiences at scales previously thought impossible.”

About Outerlife and PlayWay

PlayWay is one of the biggest groups of gaming simulator studios in the world. Created in 2011, it has produced and released over 100 games that are sold and downloaded worldwide. With over 200 more still to come, PlayWay is a listed company, with over 10 companies from PlayWay Group now listed on the stock exchange.

About MetaGravity

MetaGravity is building the scalable decentralized infrastructure for metaverse-scale gaming and virtual world simulations. Their new cutting edge approach to compute parallelism for games and virtual world simulations delivers a market leading scale, lowest operating costs, and ease of use through integration into leading games engines. Its distributed compute model operates at an unprecedented level of efficiency of less than 1–10% of other available technologies.

MetaGravity is directly integrated into leading games engines. It removes the constraints of game simulation complexity, and opens up a world of new creative opportunities for game developers. It can generate the highest level of resolution and fidelity while being fast and easy for games developers to use and deploy.

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